Last Modified Date: June 10, 2022

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.
This information is not subject to be resold..

This Privacy policy (the "Policy") dated June 10, 2022 replaces all previous policies. Please take the time to review before you continue to use our products and services. This “Policy” applies to all of the (“Service Provider”) websites and services (the “Sites”), including this site, as well as any other Sites at which this Policy appears and which are owned/controlled by the Service Provider. This Policy describes how Service Provider uses information it obtains about its users when they visit one of the Sites and is inapplicable to information obtained about you through other channels. Please review this Policy carefully. If you have any questions about this Policy, please email

This Policy applies to any information you provide to us, including through this website, our mobile apps, communications by email and through social media, by telephone and in person. It also covers any information we receive from third parties.

By using our products and services, including browsing our websites, registering or logging in, you agree we may use your information as outlined in this Policy. If you do not wish to have your information used in line with this Policy, you must not use our products and services and not otherwise provide us with your information.

Service Provider reserves the unilateral right to modify this Policy from time-to-time.

a. By accessing, using, or joining this Site, you acknowledge that Service Provider possesses this unilateral right and that you will ensure that you stay up-to-date regarding changes to the Policy by checking it on a regular basis. You shall be bound by the terms of the Policy then in effect each time you access or use this Site.
b. Dates that the Policy is revised will be contained in the “Last Modified Date” on the top of this page. If you visit this page and see a new “Last Modified Date,” you agree that you shall review the Policy for revisions.
c. In the event of a conflict between this Policy and any Terms of Use for any Sites, this Policy shall control.

Your Privacy Rights
This Privacy Policy describes your privacy rights regarding our collection, use, storage, sharing and protection of your personal information. It applies to the website and all related sites, applications, services and tools regardless of how you access or use them.
You accept this Privacy Policy when you sign up for, access, or use our products, services, content, features, technologies or functions offered on our website and all related sites, applications, and services (collectively “foxy4k Services”). We may amend this policy at any time by posting a revised version on our website. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it.

How we collect information about you

Collection of Information.
a. When you sign up for membership on the Site, you are required to provide Service Provider with your name, billing address, email address, postal code, credit/debit card information, telephone number, and other personal information. You may be asked for additional information to participate in special promotions, offers, contests, or polls. This is information Service Provider is collecting from you. Service Provider recognizes that, from time-to-time, the information provided during sign-up may become inaccurate or out-of-date. To modify the information provided during sign-up, please email
b. In addition to collecting information if and/or when you register for membership, Service Provider uses cookies to collect, among other things, your location, your IP address, referral websites and your membership ID. You can turn off cookies, but you might not be able to use any or all of the Site, irrespective of whether you are a member.
c. In addition to the data that you provide to us, we may also obtain data from trusted third parties. This ‘profiling’ information is produced from a variety of sources, including publicly available data or from providers to whom you have given your permission for your data to be shared.

When you visit the website or use foxy4k Services, we collect information sent to us by your computer, mobile phone or other access devices. The information sent to us includes data on the pages you access, your computer IP address, device identifiers, the type of operating system you’re using, your location, mobile network information, standard web log data and other information. Web log data includes the browser type you’re using and traffic to and from our site. When you visit the website or use foxy4k Services, we also collect information about your transactions and your activities.

In addition, if you open a foxy4k account or use foxy4k Services, we may collect the following types of information:
• Contact information, such as your name, address, phone, email, and other similar information.
• Financial information, such as the full bank account numbers and/or credit card numbers that you link to your foxy4k account or give us when you use foxy4k Services.
• Detailed personal information such as your date of birth or social security number.

Information Collected
The amount of information Service Provider collects from visitors to the Sites largely depends upon whether the visitor is a member or is simply browsing the Sites. A non-member browsing one of the Sites only has the information collected described in Paragraph 2(b) of this Policy. Members to one or more of the Sites will have the information collected described in Paragraph 2(a) of the Policy. Service Provider may collect additional personal information in the event you send any communication or correspondence to Service Provider. Service Provider may store any and all information collected in its database(s).

If we make other organizational services available through our Sites, you understand we do not operate those sites. Information as to the privacy practices of such other organizations is governed by their own polices and you should review them before providing any information to them. You consent that such organizations may share your personal information with Service Provider if you have accessed such services through our Sites.

We may also obtain information about you from third parties such as credit bureaus and identity verification services.
You may choose to provide us with access to certain personal information stored by third parties such as social media sites (e.g., Facebook and Twitter). The information we may receive varies by site and is controlled by that site. By associating an account managed by a third party with your foxy4k account and authorizing foxy4k to have access to this information, you agree that foxy4k may collect, store and use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

In order to help protect you from fraud and misuse of your personal information, we may collect information about your use and interaction with our website or foxy4k Services. For example, we may evaluate your computer, mobile phone or other access devices to identify any malicious software or activity.
We may also collect additional information from or about you in other ways, such as through contact with our customer support team, results when you respond to a survey.

Use of Information.
The primary use of information collected by Service Provider is to provide you access to and enhance your experience on the Sites. More specifically, Service Provider collects information to provide you with varying levels of access to one or more of the Sites and to ensure you continue to have access to one or more of the Sites (e.g., for monthly payment purposes). As stated in Paragraph 3, Service Provider also uses cookies to collect information to tailor the Sites to your preferences and generally to make your visits more enjoyable. While those are the primary reasons Service Provider collects information, there are others, including:

a. Advertising and Marketing. Service Provider uses cookies and other passively collected information to improve its advertising and to improve the applicability of its advertising to your interests. Collected information may also be used for general market research and to track the interests of current and former members to one or more of the Sites. Service Provider is not responsible for the collection, use, or security of any information, sensitive, personally-identifying, or otherwise, that you voluntarily share with an advertiser.
b. Operation. Service Provider may share your information if it becomes necessary to operate one or more of the Sites properly. This may include sharing information with a third-party vendor to collect fees or other monies owed by you. Service Provider may also share your information to prevent, detect, or resolve issue of fraud or security.
c. Legal Service Provider may use your information for legal purposes.
i. For example, your information may assist Service Provider in ensuring that you are in compliance with the Terms of Use, including our intellectual property policies and the requirement that you not share your password with third parties. It may also be used as necessary to bring legal action against you in the event that you materially breach Service Provider’s Terms of Use.
ii. Service Provider may also share your information with law enforcement to assist in any criminal investigations against you or to comply with any laws or regulations.
iii. Service Provider may share your information with a debt collector or legal counsel to collect any fees or other monies owed by you or to otherwise enforce the Terms of Use.
iv. In some cases, Service Provider may be subpoenaed to provide your information in a civil or criminal matter. Service provider reserves the right to respond to a subpoena without the necessity of informing you, but Service Provider may provide you with an opportunity to seek to quash the subpoena before responding, in service provider’s sole discretion.

Data Security
Service Provider takes reasonable efforts to ensure that sensitive or personally-identifying information and data it collects remains secure. It uses reasonable measures any time sensitive, personal information is transmitted. However, nothing is perfect, and Service Provider cannot guarantee that hackers or other cyber-criminals will never be capable of infiltrating its systems. For this reason, you acknowledge and accept that you assume any risk that such breaches may occur despite these measures being in place. Non personally-identifying information may be shared publicly for any purpose.

How we use Cookies
When you access our website or use foxy4k Services, we (including companies we work with) may place small data files on your computer or other devices. These data files may be cookies, pixel tags, “Flash cookies”, or other local storage provided by your browser or associated applications (“Cookies”). We use these technologies to recognize you as a customer; customize foxy4k Services, content, and advertising; measure promotional effectiveness; help ensure that your account security is not compromised; mitigate risk and prevent fraud, and to promote trust and safety across our sites and foxy4k Services.
We use both session and persistent Cookies. Session Cookies expire and no longer have any effect when you log out of your account or close your browser. Persistent Cookies remain on your device until you erase them or they expire.

We encode our Cookies so that we can interpret the information stored in them. You are free to decline our Cookies if your browser or browser add-on permits, but doing so may interfere with your use of our website and foxy4k Services. Refer to the help section of your browser, browser extensions, or installed applications for instructions on blocking, deleting, or disabling Cookies.
You may encounter foxy4k Cookies on websites that we do not control. For example, if you view a web page created by a third party or use an application developed by a third party, there may be a Cookie placed by the web page or application. Likewise, these third parties may place their own Cookies that are not subject to our control and the foxy4k Privacy Policy does not cover their use.
How we protect and store personal information

Throughout this policy, we use the term “personal information” to describe information that can be associated with a specific person and can be used to identify that person. We do not consider personal information to include information that has been made anonymous so that it does not identify a specific user.
We store and process your personal information on our computers in Europe and elsewhere in the world where our facilities are located. We protect your information using physical, technical, and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration.

How we use the personal information we collect
Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with a secure, smooth, efficient, and customized experience. We may use your personal information to:
• provide foxy4k Services and customer support;
• process transactions and send notices about your transactions;
• resolve disputes, collect fees, and troubleshoot problems;
• prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities, and enforce our User Agreement;
• customize, measure, and improve foxy4k Services and the content, layout, and operation of our websites and applications;
• deliver targeted marketing, service update notices, and promotional offers based on your communication preferences;
• contact you at any telephone number, by placing a voice call or through text (SMS) or email messaging, as authorized by our User Agreement;
• compare information for accuracy and verify it with third parties.

We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We may combine your information with information we collect from other companies and use it to improve and personalize foxy4k Services, content, and advertising.
We respect your communication preferences. If you no longer wish to receive notifications via our application, you can adjust your preferences by visiting the settings page of the application.

How we share personal information with other foxy4k users
To process your payments, we may share some of your personal information with the person or company that you are paying or that is paying you. Your contact information, date of sign-up, the number of payments you have received from verified foxy4k users, and whether you have verified control of a bank account are provided to other foxy4k users with whom who you transact through foxy4k. In addition, this and other information may also be shared with third parties when you use these third parties to access foxy4k Services. Unless you have agreed to it, these third parties are not allowed to use this information for any purpose other than to enable foxy4k Services.

If someone is sending you money and enters your email address, Skype/Telegram/Whatsapp ID, other IM ID, we will provide them your registered name so they can verify they are sending the money to the correct account.
If you are buying goods or services and pay through foxy4k, we may also provide the seller with your shipping and billing address to help complete your transaction. The seller is not allowed to use this information to market their services to you unless you have agreed to it. If an attempt to pay your seller fails or is later invalidated, we may also provide your seller with details of the unsuccessful payment. To facilitate dispute resolution, we may provide a buyer with the seller’s address so that goods can be returned to the seller.

We work with third parties, including merchants, to enable them to accept or send payments from or to you using foxy4k. In doing so, a third party may share information about you with us, such as your email address or mobile phone number, to inform you that a payment has been sent to you or when you attempt to pay a merchant or third party. We use this information to confirm that you are a foxy4k customer and that foxy4k as a form of payment can be enabled, or to send you notification of payment status. Also, if you request that we validate your status as a foxy4k customer with a third party, we will do so.
Please note that merchants, sellers, and users you buy from or contract with have their own privacy policies, and although foxy4k’s user agreement does not allow the other transacting party to use this information for anything other than providing foxy4k Services, foxy4k is not responsible for their actions, including their information protection practices.
Regardless, we will not disclose your credit card number or bank account number to anyone you have paid or who has paid you using foxy4k, or with the third parties that offer or use foxy4k Services, except with your express permission or if we are required to do so to comply with credit card rules, a subpoena, or other legal processes.

How we share personal information with other parties
We may share your personal information with:
1. Service providers under contract who help with our business operations such as fraud prevention, bill collection, marketing, and technology services. Our contracts dictate that these service providers only use your information in connection with the services they perform for us and not for their own benefit.
2. Banking partners as required by credit card association rules for inclusion on their list of terminated merchants (in the event that you meet their criteria which includes having foxy4k close your foxy4k Account due to your breach of the foxy4k User Agreement).
3. Companies that we plan to merge with or be acquired by. (If such a combination occur, we will require that the new combined entity follow this privacy policy with respect to your personal information. If your personal information could be used contrary to this policy, you will receive prior notice.)
4. Law enforcement, government officials, or other third parties pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or other legal process or requirement applicable to foxy4k or one of its affiliates; when we need to do so to comply with law or credit card rules; or when we believe, in our sole discretion, that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, to report suspected illegal activity or to investigate violations of our User Agreement.
5. Other third parties with your consent or direction to do so.

foxy4k will not sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes and only shares your personal information with third parties as described in this policy.
If you open a foxy4k account directly on a third party website or via a third party application, any information that you enter on that website or application (and not directly on a foxy4k website) will be shared with the owner of the third party website or application. These sites are governed by their own privacy policies and you are encouraged to review their privacy policies before providing them with personal information. foxy4k is not responsible for the content or information practices of such third parties.

How you can access or change your personal information
You can review and edit your personal information at any time by logging in to your account and reviewing your account settings and profile. You can also close your account through the foxy4k website by sending us a request to close the account (via If your foxy4k account is closed, we will mark your account in our database as “Closed”, but we may retain personal information from your account to collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, prevent fraud, enforce our User Agreement, or take other actions as required or permitted by law.

How you can contact us regarding privacy questions
If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us via